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[How to stew papaya with red wine]_ stew method _ how to stew

A popular one is now falling. The name is red wine stewed papaya. The flesh of the papaya is selected, plus red wine and honey. This stewed papaya has a strong aroma and can be eaten for a bit of fullnessTo make the quality of the skin look better, papaya is both a fruit and a medicinal material. It is also a very good vegetable. It can be used as both food and fruit, and has high medicinal value.

The method uses half a papaya, 100ml red wine, and a small amount of honey.

1. Papaya is washed, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1 cm square pieces.

2. Put the papaya pieces into the blender and add 15ml of water.

3. Whisk the papaya with water into a papaya paste.

4. Add a small amount of honey to the papaya paste and stir well.

5. Finally, add red wine, stir well, and sprinkle the papaya seeds on the surface.

It is suitable for crowd 1. Women who have not yet grown their breasts, have not grown taller, have not grown their breasts, and their breasts are not ideal after the developmental period.

2. Women who suffer from breastfeeding, fertility, miscarriage, breast atrophy, and relaxation.

3, due to aging, women with sagging breasts, bulging, out of shape, and different breast sizes.

4, women with rough breast skin, dull color, nipples, areola pigmentation, pigmentation.

5. Women who are bloated or too skinny and whose curves are not obvious.

Food taboos: Papaya should not be eaten with fried foods, and should not be eaten with carrots.

Nutritional value Papaya: Papaya fruit is rich in papaya enzymes, vitamins C, B and calcium, phosphorus and minerals, and is rich in nutrients. The fruit is rich in carotene, protein, calcium salts, proteases, lemonase, etc., with hypertension, nephritis, Constipation and assist digestion, cure stomach problems, have a role in promoting metabolism and anti-aging on the human body, as well as the effect of beauty skin care and beauty.

Red wine: Red wine has beauty and delays aging.

Skin care and beauty effect.