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[How to make Shanghai fried food]_Home cooking practice of Shanghai fried food_How to make Shanghai fried food_How to make Shanghai fried food

Now there are more and more restaurants doing group purchases, but the quality is getting worse.

You usually spend a lot of money, but you ca n’t eat delicious food, which is really hateful.

So at this time, you need to master some food practices yourself.

The following editors will show you how to make Shanghai Fried Chicken.


The amount of 1212 noodles is right. Mine is a bowl of noodles. I eat it twice by myself. If the noodles are left, I can use them in the refrigerator next time.

2121 Boil the noodles with boiling water. The noodles are especially suitable for the elderly. It does not hurt the stomach. Dry the noodles for a while and then move them.

The zucchini is shredded with a cutting board. If you have any ravioli, use a small spoon to dry the ravioli.


Put the inserted zucchini with salt and sand to remove the water 5.

Let it stand for a while and see that the water comes out. Drill the zucchini to dry the water.

Right amount of sea rice 7.

1Remember not to put salt, because the zucchini used salt and sand before. Put the onion, pepper noodles, flavor, oil into the sea rice and zucchini, and mix the filling. 8

2 pots of oil are burned to 50% and the sea rice is cooked with low heat.

Don’t mess up.

Count the sober noodles into a subtotal 10.

Roll out and wait for 11.

Wrap into such flat-bottomed dumplings 12.

Place a small amount of oil in the pan and place the dumplings in. 13

Use small to medium heat and watch the bottom of the dumplings turn golden brown14.

Pour this small bowl of cold water into 15.

Cover the pot.

When the soup was about to dry, it immediately turned into a fire, and the soup was over, so don’t dwell on it16.

Dear friends.

Did you learn to fry?

Without learning to continue next time, failure is the mother of success Today’s Shanghai Shengjian introduction ends here. Have you learned it?

In fact, the overall is relatively simple, it is better to learn, take the time to follow the steps above to do it.